$5,000 Guaranteed Minimum First Place at Every Divisional Tournament

Division South East Texas - 2018 Rules
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One-Day Divisional Events - Guaranteed $5,000 First Place
Top 10 Boaters/Co-Anglers by Points After Area Championship Advance to the Ray Scott Championship
Dates Lake
Launch Ramp Register
2/24/2018 Sam Rayburn Umphrey Pavilion
4/28/2018 Sam Rayburn Umphrey Pavilion
6/09/2018 Sam Rayburn Umphrey Pavilion
9/15/2018 Sam Rayburn Umphrey Pavilion
Two-Day Area Championship - Guaranteed $10,000 First Place
Top 5 Boater/Co-Anglers by Place of Finish That Do Not Advance By Points Advance to the Ray Scott Championship
Toledo Bend Cypress Bend Park

Division News

2018 Rules
Entry Fees:
Division: $200 Boater/$100 Co-Anglers
Area Championship: $300 Boater/$150 Co-Anglers
Ray Scott Cup - No Entry Fee

Divisional News

Alan Fitts Hits Homerun at Sam Rayburn

Alan Fitts of Hemphill, Texas won the American Bass Anglers Ram Truck Open Series Louisiana tournament, held April 15th on Sam Rayburn.

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Pinkston Takes Title on Toledo Bend

Ryan Pinkston of Center, Texas won the American Bass Anglers Ram Truck Open Series Texas Southeast tournament, held February 4th on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

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Texas Southeast Opens on Toledo Bend

ATHENS, Ala. – The South Texas division of the Ram Truck Open Series will hold its first event of the season on February 4th, 2017 on Toledo Bend Reservoir near Hemphill, TX.

The competitors will launch at Fin and Feather Resort located at 245 Fin and Feather Drive, just south of Hemphill. Anglers may begin fishing at 6:40 a.m. or safe light. The weigh-in will begin at 3 p.m. Registration begins at 4 p.m. Friday February 3rd at Fin and Feather Resort. To register for this tournament, call Chris Wayand, divisional director, at (256)230-5627. 

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Freeman Claims First Place for $10,000

Glenn Freeman of Converse, Louisiana won the American Bass Anglers Ram Truck Open Series Region 6 Area Championship, held Sept 24th and 25th on Toledo Bend.

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Pinkston Steals Win on Toledo Bend

Ryan Pinkston of Center, Texas won the American Bass Anglers Ram Truck Open Series Texas Southeast Division tournament, held July 23rd, 2016 on Toledo Bend Reservoir.

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Roberts Wins on Sam Rayburn

Darren Roberts of Nacogdoches, Texas won the American Bass Anglers Ram Truck Open Series Texas Southeast tournament, held June 18th on Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

Running out of Twin Dikes Park near Jasper, Texas, Darren caught five bass weighing 25.03 pounds. He anchored his bag with a 6.61-pound kicker.

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Gilder Takes Toledo Bend Co-angler Win

Eddy Gilder of Sulphur, LA was the co-angler champion of the Ram Truck Open Series event held on March 26, 2016 at Toledo Bend. Gilder’s 11.16 pound limit, which included the 6.83 pound co-angler Big Bass, was worth a total of $2235. “These were the only three fish I caught today. They mainly came early. I had my three fish at 11:30. We were up north a bit, flipping cypress trees in about four feet of water," said Gilder.

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Gleason Takes Home $6000 for Toledo Bend Win

Darold Gleason of Leesville, LA won the Texas Southeast Division Ram Truck Open Series event at Toledo Bend on March 26, 2016. Gleason weighed in a 24.37 pound limit of Toledo bend bass to win $6300. “I actually started really close. I caught my big one, an 8.11, real early in the morning in about 10 feet of water. We ended up going out to a deep spot. I’ve been on the water a good bit and the shallow bite is just not great. I did most of my damage out deep with a Carolina rig and a crankbait. I was lucky that I got two really big bites. It was one of those days where everything just came together. Right now, this is the number one lake in the country and I was just scared to death that someone was going to come in with 31 pounds and knock me out of the lead,” said Gleason.

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Castledine Wins $5000 at Sam Rayburn Ram Truck Open Series Event

Todd Castledine of Nacogdoches, TX won the Texas Southeast Division Ram Truck Open Series opener at Sam Rayburn on January 23, 2015. Castledine weighed in a 20.77 pound limit of Texas-sized bass to win $5325. “The day started out pretty. I caught two right off of the bat in places I really didn’t plan on fishing. I caught the first two on a Red Eye Shad and then, went without a bite for a couple hours. After that, I caught two within four or five minutes on a 6XD. I only caught seven keepers today. About 1:30, I caught my biggest one. Yesterday was shockingly good and I really expected today to be the same way, but it wasn’t,” said Castledine.

Galen Bennett Slagle, LA finished in second place with 20.57 pounds earning $1654. “I basically sat in 6-7 feet of water throwing soft plastics to the edge of the hay grass. They were picking it up very slowly. If you didn’t let them eat the bait for a couple of seconds, you wouldn’t get a good hookset. I missed five bites that I think would have helped me,” said Bennett.

The third place spot went to Kris Wilson of Montgomery, TX with 20.14 pounds winning $1103. Wilson utilized Carolina rigged plastics and crankbaits for his third place catch. “I started on some fish in shallow water and caught a limit there. Then, I went out to some deeper water since the conditions were different today,” said Wilson.

Jerry E. Dubose of Silsbee, TX brought in a 9.00 pound largemouth to claim Boater Big Bass and win $800 from the Big Bass Pot. “It was the last fish of the day on the very last cast. It just goes to show that you never know and God is good,” said Dubose.

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